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Skateboarding to make a comeback, including in Dan Fitzgibbons’ Minneapolis

August 25, 2018

Dan Fitzgibbons

At its height of popularity in the 1970s, skateboarding is often assumed a forgotten trend for many. But on the brink of making its Summer Olympics debut in Tokyo in 2020, the adventurous sport is seeing an uprising in popularity in cities across the United States and even the world -- from Minneapolis, Minnesota where technology businessman Dan Fitzgibbons lives to Cape Coral, Florida and more.

Skate parks are seeing a reinvestment currently -- including in Cape Coral where annual maintenance is approximately $30,000 as of late as usage increases since the project was built in 2005. The Tony Hawk Foundation aims toward supporting skateboarding as a sport, particularly for youth in low-income areas and big cities where recreational opportunities are fewer. Its website states, “Skateparks draw visitors of all ages, from all walks of life. The skatepark becomes a terrific place to find people with similar interests, and most lifelong skateboarders have great friends that they met while skateboarding. In skateparks we see parents skating with their kids, young people offering tips to older folks, poor folks skating with wealthy folks, and so on. Skateparks are where people go to have fun and challenge themselves in a safe, appropriate environment … with their friends and within their community.” This adventurous sport is ideal for family men like Dan Fitzgibbons who want to enlist everyone in a wholesome activity of excitement that’s gaining traction year over year and could, just maybe, gain someone an Olympic medal one day.